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You have a lovely way of looking at the world. Your work is very beautiful.
-- Bill Langus, 10/23/20

Roxanne, your pictures are brilliant! Your "Dark Chocolate" series looks delectable and your sea shells are dazzling. Nice work
-- Sonya Konetchy, 5/16/11

Lovely to meet you today, your work is amazing! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and my friend Kathleen. Nicola
-- Nicola Beeson, 10/1/10

I am impresed! delightful range of sensitivity and control. I love the fluidity of your color and the deft way that you draw.
-- Erin Libby, 9/3/10

Beautiful work Roxanne and great variety in all your canvases! Your are very talented! I joined this site myself and would be interested in what you think if you have time to check it out,take care.
-- James Lasenby, 3/2/10

I find it difficult to believe you receive harsh criticism. Your work is resplendent.
-- Diana Wunderle, 10/24/09

It was really nice to meet you at the Everett art gallery. I love your work! Those cherries are so luscious. I hope I am not to late to become an addition to your endeavor with video. Just let me know I would love to help in any way. -Krista
-- Krista R, 7/22/09

Jerry FinnA real pleasure to meet you at the Matzke Fine Art Gallery. Love your work!
-- Jerry Finn, 6/14/09

Great work! You need a page for cats!! I still love the Cherries On the Run! Lyussy
-- Lyussy Hyder, 5/2/09

Your website looks very good, and the artwork even better! I hope you've been enjoying our increased sunshine to paint under the last week or so... Can't wait to see the entire grouping for your show in April.
-- Autumn Kegley, 3/5/09

-- Stephanie, 2/28/09

Hi Roxanne---your site looks great :) Janie
-- Janie Olsen, 2/18/09

Welcome to the web!!! Looks great, you did a wonderful job! :)
-- Trisha Jaross, 2/15/09